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Below you will find a copy of our wishlist.  Please note that this list does change often.  Please don't take offense if you offer us something from our wishlist and we turn it down.  That just means that we have made a recent trade for this item and have all we can use.  We will try and note that next to the item(s) as needed

Paypal (non credit card)
Money orders or Cash (sent at your own risk)
Book Cash
Sporting Goods Cash
Movie Cash
Music Cash
BTFE (Box tops for Education)
LFE (Labels for Education)
$2/3 Kraft product coupons
Wine Tags good in NC (no wine or beer purchase required)
$1.00 Caress shimmering and creamy body wash on one anysize
$1.00/1  Dannon Frusion Smoothies
$1.00/1 any size Dove Hair care
$1.00/1 any Dove Facial product
Free product coupons
Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Fan UPCS (10)

Mr. Coffee CoffeeMaker UPCS (2)

Oral-B ProfessionalCare 7000 Power T.B. UPCS

Oral-B 3D Excel Power T.B. UPCS

Sony DVD purchase tabs

  Must be these :

  Americas Sweetheart

  Maid In Manhattan

  Mona Lisa Smile


  Daddy Day Care

Vlasic 46 oz. Zesty Dills UPCS (12)-

Ernest & Julio Gallo Twin Valley Vineyards 4-pack or 187ml size bottles UPCS (10)

Tyson Italian Style Meatballs UPCS (10)

Tyson Swedish Style Meatballs UPCS (10)

Tyson Italian Style Meatballs UPCS (10)

Tyson Homestyle Meatballs UPCS (10)

Tyson Steak Fingers UPCS (10)

Tyson 28.8 oz. Pork Patties UPCS (10)

Tyson Country Fried Steak UPCS (10)

Citrucel UPCS

Comet Clean and Flush Starter Kit UPCS

Di Giorno Complete Meal UPCS (1)

Pedigree Weight Loss  Food For Dogs bag UPCS (20

Herhsey Whoppers/Milk Duds Bites points (100)
BOCA Meatless Products UPCS (12)
Okabashi shoes UPCS (12)
Rice-A-Roni Cheesy Pleasers UPCS (10)
Benadryl Allergy UPCS
Benadryl Topial UPCS
Sudafed UPCS
Neosporin UPCS
Visine UPCS
Advil Allergy Sinus UPCS

Clairol Perfect Highlighting & Blonding Collection UPCS  (10)

Colace Laxative UPCS 

Colgate Sparkling White t.p. UPCS (10)

Crest Vivid White t.p.  4.1 oz. UPCS (10)

Ecotrin Reg. Strength 250 ct. UPC (1)

Ecotrin Max. Strength 150 ct. UPC (1)

Enterex Diabetic 6-pack UPCS

Fram Air Filter UPCS (20) PLEASE!

Goldn Plump Family Sized, Deli Fresh Rotisserie Chicken UPC (1)

Heinz EZ Marinader UPCS (10

Lamasil Cream, Spray Pump or Solution Dropper UPCS  (3)

Leggs Body Beautiful No Hose UPCS (2)

Lotrimin Ultra UPCS

Maxim Haircolor For Men UPCS (15)

McPherson Wine 750Ml or 1.5L UPCS (10)

Mitchum MAX Deodorant UPCS (10)

Mucinex 600 mg UPCS

Okabashi Comfort Sandals UPCS (10)

Os-Cal 250 ct. UPCS (2)

Parliament cigarette UPCS (5=1Q)-LOTS!

Pennzoil Synthetic Motor Oil 6 qt. case UPCS  (10)

Prestone Water Pump UPCS (10)

Reach Advanced Gum Action t.b. UPCS

Rogaine For Women UPC (1)

Scott Rags 55 ct. rolls UPCS (2

Seagrams Gin or Vodka 1.75L UPCS (2))

Gentlax Laxative UPC (1)

Tylenol Ex. Strength Cool Caplets 50 ct. or larger UPCS (10)

Vlasic Relish Mixers UPCS

Vlasic Steakhouse Mix UPCS

Chicken Helper Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Skillet Mix UPCS (10)

Chicken Helper Chicken Teriyaki Skillet Mix UPCS (10)

Exxon SuperFlo Engine Oil case UPC (1)

Duraflame XtraTime or Crackleflame 6 log case Firelog UPC (1)

Afrin No Drip UPC (1)

BIC SureStart Utility Lighter UPCS

Clearasil Ultra UPC (1)

Kelloggs Cereal Official Savings Bond Certificates  lots

Mr. Yoshidas Marinade UPCS (2)

Icy Hot Back Patch 5 ct. UPCS

Vlasic 16 oz. Pepper Stackers UPCS

Aquafresh Floss n Cap T.P. UPCS

Clearasil 6.5 oz. acne treatment cream UPCS

Oral-B ProfessionalCare 70000 Series Power t.b.  UPCS

Oral-B Rechargeable Power t.b. UPCS

Fujifilm Date 60AF, Date 35, Auto 35, SmartShot Plus and Smart Shot II 35mm camera UPC (1)

Icy Hot Medicated Sleeve UPCS (10)

Acid Free UPCS

Aquafresh Aqua Blast T.B. Cleaner or Retainer Cleaner UPCS

Breathe Right Vapor Shot! UPCS

Wick Fowler Chili Kits UPCS

Whirlpool Home Care (stove top cleaner, etc.)UPCS

Crunch n Munch UPCS

  Must be these sizes:

   1-1.25 oz.

   3-3.5 oz.

   4 oz.

   7-10 oz.

   12 oz.

The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers DVD or VHS POP tabs  (10)

Lloyds Honey Hickory Babyback Pork Ribs, Babyback Pork Ribs, Pork Spareribs or Beef Backribs  UPCS 

Glad HULK POPS these are from specially marked packages! (12)

Kids & Pets Brand Stain & Odor Remover UPCS

Hyponex specially marked POPS (15)

Olay Daily Facials UPCS

Natures Earth All Pet Pine Bedding UPCS

Panasonic Alkaline battery backcards

Carroll Shelby or Wick Fowler Chili Kit  UPCS

Scott Rags In A Box 200 ct. UPC (1)

Gotcha Covered Drop Cloth 4x10 UPC (1)

Senokot 30 ct. UPC (1)

Senokot 100 tab UPCS -

Sun-Maid Raisins 6 pack UPCS 

Vlasic 16 oz. Pepper Stackers UPCS

Vlasic Stackers Bread & Butter Mildly Sweet & Spicy Pickles 24 oz. UPCS

Vlasic 46 oz. Zesty Dills UPCS (12)-PLEASE!